Package holidays. Adventure tours. Thomson. Thomas Cook. Club 18-30. Airtours. Benidorm. Brazil. Coach tours. Cool city breaks.  Dublin. Dubai. North Africa. Even North Korea.

You name it – we’ve done it. We’ve been there and lived to tell the tale, and very often we’ve been on a package holiday or escorted tour. Many people take for granted their annual two weeks in the sun, weekend away in a buzzing city or Third World adventure trip, but how did it all happen? How did we fall in love with holidays and tours, and are we still in love with them now?

The story of how we got into the package tour habit is a fascinating one. It’s not just about places and people and how we got there but also about us, as the holidays we take reflect the people we are, or aspire to be. But despite the huge popularity of the package, could the golden age be over?

Let’s Go tells how the travel business developed from a British perspective from the 1950s (much earlier in the case of escorted tours) to the present day, from an era when only the wealthy could afford foreign holidays to “Generation EasyJet”. Featuring anecdotes, word-of-mouth accounts from the people who made it happen and archive images, author Dave Richardson brings the story right up to date by looking at how we take our holidays today, and whether we could be destroying the very things we set out to experience.

Anyone who takes holidays abroad will enjoy Let’s Go, as will travel and tourism students and people in the travel business. It’s a story of entrepreneurs, dodgy hotels, people who went the extra mile and all sorts of ups and downs. Let’s Go was published by Amberley Books in May 2016.

What brings the book alive is the fact that Dave has lived through many of the years he describes and can write from personal experience of the many colourful characters that have shaped the travel sector. This book enables us to see travel through the eyes of those who were actively involved in creation of the dream.

“There are of course more academic works describing the growth and development of the tourism industry, but the interested reader and student alike will find Let’s Go both informative and entertaining in equal measure. It is well researched, it is accurate and it captures the excitement of those who built the travel industry over the past sixty-five years.”

— Noel Josephides, Chairman, ABTA (The Travel Association)

Banner image courtesy of Benidorm Tourism.

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